Twilio Verify Phone Number

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更新日 2ヶ月前

Twilio Verify Phone Number APIについて

Twilioのアカウントセキュリティ機能の一部として、Twilio Verify APIを使用すると、Webアプリケーションに電話確認を簡単に追加できます。音声およびSMS経由で送信されるコードをサポートします。


What is Twilio SMS?

Twilio makes sending and receiving SMS easy. Find the documentation, sample code, and developer tools you need to build exactly what you want, fast. We’ll handle the complexity of mobile carrier and global regulations. Let’s get building.

SMS Workflow

There are 2 steps to sending an SMS.

  1. First, Purchase a Phone Number
    Buying a phone number is possible through the Buy Phone Number endpoint. When buying a phone number, this is a monthly cost that will be associated with your RapidAPI subscription. You will see an additional invoice item for your Twilio phone number.

  2. Using the phone number you purchased in step 1, it is now time to send your first SMS.
    Using the Send SMS endpoint, you can easily send a message.

How do I receive inbound messages?

Twilio SMS on RapidAPI doesn't currently support inbound SMS.


Pricing is based upon the cost of the message being sent. When RapidAPI receives the cost of the message, it is multiplied by 10000 to convert it to the Credits object. Ex/ A message to a US-based number that costs $0.0075 will equal 75 Credits. To calculate the current balance of your account, divide the number of credits by 10000. Ex/ If your account has used 50000 Credits, you will owe $5.

I'm having trouble with the API

If you run into any issues using the API or have any questions, please contact and we would be happy to help out!