Twilioやその他のSMS API

Check out this list of Free (and Freemium) SMS APIs.
Twilioやその他のSMS API

Best Free SMS APIs

APIs in this collection are either Free or have a freemium tier monetization model.

Twilio API Pricing

Twilio has a pay-as-you-go model, but offers a free trial credit to start with.

Telynx API Pricing

Telnyx offers free inbound SMS texts, but charges $0.0045 Per Outbound Message.

Plivo API Pricing

Plivo is another SMS service that has pay as you go pricing, but offers free trial credit.

MessageBird SMS Pricing

Messagebird, like Telynx, offers free inbound SMS texts, but charges for outbound SMS messages.

ClickSend SMS Pricing

ClickSend inbound SMS messages are free, but outbound SMS messages depend on volume.

| Estimated Message | Price/SMS | | ---------- | ---------- | | Under 2k | $0.0095 | | 2k or more | $0.0088 | | 10k or more | $0.0073 | | 100k or more | $0.0067 | | Over 200k | Custom Pricing |

Wavecell SMS Pricing

Wavecell pricing varies by country, but you can get started with a free trial.