Best Stock Market & Brokerage APIs API

Check out this list of the top brokerage, stock market, and trading APIs!


About This Collection

The Top Stock Market APIs

Enrich your mobile app, software, or website with stock market and investment data using the stock market & brokerage APIs in this API collection.

The APIs in this collection can help you:

  • Get the latest finance news on trending topics.
  • Retrieve historical stock market data.
  • Access various stock exchanges like NYSE, Nasdaq, LSE, ASX, Dow Jones, and more.

Top stock market APIs include:

Yahoo Finance API

The Yahoo Finance API allows developers to tap into yahoo financial data to get information on latest stock market trends, latest news, ticker information, historical data, and more!

Tradier API

Tradier is a financial services cloud provider that offers solutions for providers, developers and investors. Their API allows you to interact with their platform to trade (create, change, cancel orders), look at cost basis, get user balances, get market data, and more!


This API collection features some of the top stock market APIs and alternatives to Google Finance and other top stock market data providers.
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