German Company Lookup and Activity Check
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German Company Lookup and Activity Check概要


The German Company Lookup and Activity Check API assists in finding companies listed in the German Handelsregister and their identifiers via some fixed attributes, such as company name, website or email. Below you find an example for the request body that you send via the POST /lookup endpoint. You can specify any number of the listed attributes and we will try our best to return the correct company.

  "name": "Implisense GmbH",
  "street": "Spiekermannstraße 31a",
  "zip": "13189",
  "city": "Berlin",
  "email": "hello@implisense.com",
  "url": "implisense.com",
  "hrCourt": "Berlin (Charlottenburg)",
  "hrType": "HRB",
  "hrNumber": "153069",
  "ebid": "2501100133998",
  "lei": "7LTWFZYICNSX8D621K86",
  "query": "Implisense Berlin",
  "active": true

The query field is special in that you can provide all known attribute values in it, and we will make our best guess. We return some basic information about the company, such as the address and the URL. The included Implisense ID allows you to use and integrate other services from us. In addition, we return a flag indicating whether the company is still economically active. A maximum of ten candidate companies is returned.

Integration into CRM / MAS / ERP systems

End user systems, such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Marketing Automation (MAS) or Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, turn out to be much more useful if the data they contain is provided automatically and always up-to-date. With this API you can obtain the postal address of companies for free. Feel free to integrate this API into your system. For a much more comprehensive set of data points please check out our freemium German Company Data API. If you want a full-blown search engine (e. g., search for product names, technologies, certifications) with filtering for locations, industries, and company size, check out our freemium German Company Search API.

implisen.se Permalink & Lookup

With the help of our public lookup you can permanently qualify your incoming requests free of charge. It doesn't matter whether you are requesting a company name or an email address; our algorithms match the best company we can find for your request. It is basically a GET request corresponding to using the query field of the above API and is limited to the top result.

This service works without any prerequisites. You don't need an account and don't have to register anywhere! All you need to do is enter the following URL in your web browser (e.g. Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Edge):


Replace QUERY with your query. This can be a company name or an email address you want to qualify. If we are unable to resolve your request, you will be redirected to our Companies and Markets research platform. In general, we do not resolve private e-mail addresses (e.g., from gmail.com or web.de). Try it out with one of our examples:


At the same time implisen.se acts as a permalink, because it can also be called with the Implisense-ID of a company. This gives you an unchangeable short link that is ideal for sharing with others. Like this one, for example:


The same service works also on the command line with the curl-command and gives you the top hit free of charge in JSON format. For example:

curl -s -X GET 'https://implisen.se/BMW'

If you have the jq-tool installed, you can also get a pretty printed version of the above or process the result further:

curl -s -X GET 'https://implisen.se/BMW' | jq '.'
curl -s -X GET 'https://implisen.se/BMW' | jq -r '.companies[0].name'

About Implisense

Implisense is the leading provider of German B2B company data. With over 2.4 million active companies from the German Handelsregister listed in its index Implisense provides not only contact information, but a detailed analysis integrating many data sources, such as websites, news, press releases, financial data, and job announcements. Implisense supports numerous use cases for sales and marketing departments, such as lead generation, lead scoring, and account intelligence. Implisense is also the provider of the free platform Companies and Markets. For more information please visit implisense.com.

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